Catch Your Breath By Shannyn Schroeder – Review

Catch Your Breath By Shannyn Schroeder – Review

Catch Your Breath Book Cover Catch Your Breath
Shannyn Schroeder

Moira and Jimmy's story was full of passion. They had known each other since childhood, Jimmy was Moira's brothers best friend and they fought siblings do. However, secretly Moira loves Jimmy, but strangely he has avoided her over the years. Moira just didn't realise Jimmy was attracted to her but felt she was off limits. Now Moira is a reporter and Jimmy a police officer, and their work overlaps, putting Moira in danger.

A great book full of passion and intrigue, I am going to put the first three O'Leary books in my 'to read' pile!

As kids they steered clear of one another. That was then—this is now. 

As a dedicated reporter, Moira O’Leary has access to Chicago’s swankiest affairs. With her confidence and style, she blends right in with the elite crowd. But when her childhood crush starts popping up at posh events, she struggles to keep her cool. After all, he’s always ignited something in her.  

Undercover cop Jimmy O’Malley has always tried to avoid his best friend’s little sister. Something about Moira spelled trouble. But watching her navigate Chicago’s most elaborate galas with ease, Jimmy knows he needs her help to crack a case. Just as their chemistry ignites, Moira gets dangerously close to his investigation. Now, it’s up to Jimmy to keep her safe. Can childhood crushes lead to breathless desire? 

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